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Jane Sweeney
Author, Speaker, Survivor, Advocate

Those of us who have traveled this path, indeed any path of illness with a child, a parent or a lover, feel an immense empathy and connection of the heart. In our humanness, through our feelings and our sorrows, in a strange and unwanted way, we all walk together in solitude on hospital corridors, on the beaches and in each other shoes.

This journey is my tribute to honor Bernie, to honor his love! The goal is to share what I learned, give tips for Caregiving and bring awareness to the difficulties faced.

I am a Survivor. You too will be a Survivor!
Caregiver: My Love Story
Facing Dementia

Diagnosis of Dementia: Lewy Body, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
With this diagnosis came shock, disbelief and some panic. This diagnosis pierced our lives. Reality was cruel, penetrating and caustic. No, I could not accept this. I would not accept this inevitability. I would always love Bernie into the hereafter and by the will of God, FOREVER!

I wanted and needed to write this story: Our Love Story, to pass on and comfort those who were in trouble or who needed the consolation Bernie and I received. I wanted to express my loss and to bring you, my readers, into our world of love, joy and humor. Bernie showed me a new way to laugh, to feel good and to cry.
Jane and Bernie are featured in this month's Marian Helper. Visit this link to read the story. 
  Be Alert, Be Hopeful, Be Ready
Testimonial: "The book is awesome! We read it this morning and it's the first thing we've seen that describes in real life what's going on with my Dad and how to respond to situations. With 80 million Baby Boomers facing this kind of thing with their parents in the coming years she should sell a ton of books with the right exposure." Thank you again! (Sent from A Friend who recommended & loaned out her copy!)

Testimonial: "EXCELLENT!  BEST BOOK I'VE READ IN YEARS ON WHAT A CAREGIVER CAN DO! Clear and straight forward! Wonderfully written! This will help so many – not only did you "nail" all the important points you did it in an excellent way. The RESOURCES ARE SO HELPFUL! SHOWS CLEARLY HOW THIS "DEMENTIA" EFFECTS EVERYONE. (Sent from an ALZ contact in Jacksonville, FL)

Testimonial: Your book "is a wonderful testimony to your love for Bernie and  also a great resource and source of encouragement for caregivers facing the daunting challenge with a loved one.

Testimonial: It was wonderful. words can't express how I felt. It was well written and I had no clue what you were going through these last years. What amazed me too was your devotion to Bernie and how you had the strength to hold on for so long...It was a book anyone that is a caregiver for any illness can take strength from...I gave it to MY FRIEND whose husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and she's ordered copies for her children.
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